Theresa Sullivan Barger

Journalism. Grant Writing. Editing.


"Theresa Sullivan Barger has done a terrific job writing freelance articles for the weekly Connecticut arts section of The New York Times. She has told our readers about an arts program that brings police officers and urban youths together in Hartford, about a petrified forest and a real-life monuments man. Theresa brings many strengths to the table, among them an endless supply of story ideas, an interviewing style that answers every conceivable question and an engaging writing style. She meets deadlines and, what is comforting to any editor, is exceedingly easy to work with."

—Steve Bell, editor, The New York Times 

"Your article was fantastic! I have to say that it is among the best articles that have been written about me.  You caught the true essence of the passion [that] has driven me over all these years." 

—Ronald Mallett, Ph.D., University of Connecticut professor, author of Time Traveler

"Journalist Theresa Sullivan Barger has consistently delivered high-quality, thoroughly researched, and engaging articles for the Saturday Evening Post readers.  Her attention to detail, sensitivity to last-minute details, and thorough knowledge of the publishing process—from idea inception to graphic layout—are qualities that every editor welcomes.  She's a pro." 

—Patrick Perry, Executive Editor, The Saturday Evening Post

"Theresa is a first-rate journalist with a knack for finding and writing great stories, on time.  Her energy, initiative, curiosity and good ideas have significantly increased the quality of the publications for which I've employed her as a freelancer." 

—Eric Addison, President & CEO, Addison Editorial Services, LLC

"Theresa carried out her assignments with conscientiousness and grace, providing beautifully written pieces of carefully-researched information.  Her versatility and skill is such, however, that she also has a strong reputation as a business writer both at the Courant and among her many prestigious corporate freelance clients." 

—Steve Courtney, former deputy editor of Northeast, The Hartford Courant's Sunday magazine; author, Thomas Hopkins Twichell, The Life and Times of Mark Twain's Closest Friend

"Theresa Sullivan Barger is an enterprising and creative writer who asks probing questions and writes gracefully and fluently on a wide range of topics.  I first met Theresa when I was on the editorial board at The Hartford Courant.  She was a business reporter in the business department next door.  I had the added pleasure of getting to know her, and her sterling values, during our service together on the newspaper's diversity committee. More recently, I've had the opportunity to retain her freelance writing services.  This experience has reinforced my respect for her integrity, intelligence, and journalism skills.  Theresa is a real pro who delivers high quality copy.  She is a dream to work with." 

—Janet Davenport, Chief Marketing Officer at Becker College 

"In the more than four years I've worked with Theresa Sullivan Barger, her research has been consistently thorough and her copy lively, error-free and punctual.  Theresa regularly writes about home, garden, and green living for The Hartford Courant's At Home section.  Theresa has an astute sense of what makes a good story and how to shape it."

—Nancy Schoeffler, former Home, Garden and Food editor, The Hartford Courant

"Theresa Sullivan Barger's great ideas, attention to detail, and thorough reporting made her a pleasure to work with when I was editor of the children's page of The Hartford Courant.  She became my 'go-to' reporter for consistently delivering compelling stories that children loved to read (no small feat!).  Her clean copy—always delivered on time, or early—made my job as an editor much easier."

—Valerie Finholm, former editor if Flip page, The Hartford Courant