Theresa Sullivan Barger

Journalism. Grant Writing. Public Relations.


Theresa Sullivan Barger is an award-winning journalist who captures the heart and essence of each story with depth, understanding and grace. A versatile writer and a thorough reporter, she delivers clean, captivating copy on deadline. She has written more than $1 million in grants and helped PR clients get national, state and regional media coverage.  

Theresa has 20 years of daily newspaper experience and a decade of public relations and grant writing experience. Writing credits include:

The Boston Globe                                                     Hartford Business Journal                                     The Philadelphia Inquirer                                                                     The Hartford Courant                                             The Saturday Evening Post

The Conference Board                                             Hartford Magazine                                                  Seasons Magazine

Connecticut Health Investigative Team                 IEEE Spectrum                                                         University Business

Cure Today Magazine                                               National Society of Black Engineers                     Yale Public Health

Family Circle                                                               The New York Times                                                Yankee Magazine